Fields of Dialogues l

A project by Janna Lichter & Laura Oldörp
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
with Prof.* Anja Vormann

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In the Kibbutz Sde Boker, field of the shepherds, the project creates an open film lab discussing gender related discourses and experiences with a group of Israeli and German students, researchers and local residents. The overall goal is to create and design an open process in order to make a movie together discussing collective and individual experiences on gender topics.

A Kibbutz supports collective actions which became the engine of our project “Fields of Dialoges”. Equality between women and men was part of the collective thinking and leads us to the questions what current discourses about gender roles and personal experiences of the participants are.

Digital Fields

An Open Digital Dialoge is created producing new spaces of dialogues around the topic of gender. At the beginning of the project and before our excursion on-site in Sde Boker, we invite interested Israeli and German students, researchers and local residents to participate in our online workshops, where we get to know each other, talk about which topics which are essential regarding gender, experiences, fights, fears and problems.

In our panel the participants also get introduced to artistic and creative methods that empower people to act. We deal with language and images, with visual language and aesthetics, movements, future utopias and forms of expression. Together we conceive a multi-layered and visual archive, that will be the inspiration and starting point for our open film lab at site.