Empty Slogans

A project by Shir Zilberstein and Janna Lichter
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and University of Europe for Applied Sciences Berlin
with Prof.* Anja Vormann

The project is a continuation of "Unheard Voices" supplementing the chances and limits of protest signs as a moment of resistance from residents. It broadens the typographic research of Hebrew written on walls to the context of protest-signs in Tel Aviv.

The deconstruction of text and space opens up new ideas in times of conflicts and social change. The first part of the project included a map presenting political graffiti on the walls of Tel Aviv. As a walk through the city one could explore Tel Aviv through the voices of the residents. The second part startet with Shir and Janna meeting during the project "1700 years of Jewish life in Germany". The common thought was to publish unheard voices and empty slogans enabling spaces of communication which break stereotypes of the Israeli society. The idea was to collect, archive, transform and create meaning. The fragments by the residents and society are brought into circulation. The graphics were projected and are the basis for new discussions to get into conversation with people about politics and society. In the next step we would like to generate new statements together on site.

When everything is dark consider the possibility you are the light.

From the river to the sea, democracy for all

What was told? Historical peace

Love, equality, liberty, Free-thought


Israel move forward


Separation and hate like a broken record

I went out to look for a personal example

The right side of history and there is a place for everyone!

It is time to wake up, the home is falling apart

A brave and democratic Jewish-Arab leadership is needed