Pants with Pockets

A project with Netta Gaash, May Chen, Laura Oldörp and Janna Lichter
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
with Prof.*in Anja Vormann

GenderVideoTalks is about five protagonists and their confrontation with personal and individual experiences in our patriarchal world. The project aims to tangle existing binary narratives and role models and researches on non-hierarchy camera work as a queer-feminist practice.

The project creates open dialogues on gender related discourses between five Israeli and German students and researchers. The overall goal is to experience an open process to make a film together in which collective and individual experiences on gender topics are discussed. Reflective moments on transnational discourses as well as on personal issues such as family, relationships, media, society, role models, film and images are negotiated.

The focus is on our dialogues and on the camera work itself. To create a safe space each of us has the time and audience to be heard. The dialogues develop in an open process, resulting in a chronological plot which reacts to the actual situation. We all sit in a circle to be seen by all, while the camera is placed in the middle. Everyone of us can reach the camera and has the responsibility to film, as well as to be aware of the surrounding.