Jewish City Tour

A project by Marcel Mücke
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
with Prof.* Anja Vormann

Jewish City Tour is a video tour through several places of jewish life in Germany, e. g. cultural centers, kosher supermarkets etc. The tour features jewish people showing places they like while giving an insight on how they are integrating their religious beliefs and cultural practices in everyday life. The tour allows you to understand modern jewish life in a city better, giving you a glimpse on their cultural heritage and an insight on jewish culture today.

Each tour is built around one person who decides which places he/she wants to show. The result are short clips (2-5 mins), mainly directed by the protagonists themselves. They can take the camera and film everything on their own or decide to let me do the recording. They are also influencing the cutting and editing of the footage, determining whether it is e.g. an abstract series of details or a static interview setting.

That way, each clip will be a short individual view on their city while I help them achieving the aesthetics in which they want to present it.