A project by Paradise–Park–
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
with Prof.* Anja Vormann

Deconstruction of stereotypical narratives

In a bi-directional conversation of Jewish and non-Jewish people, they exchanged ideas on the basis of terms of political and everyday life, such as family, celebrations, identity, friends, home, borders, reality, gender images, technology, power, faith, food, appropriation, language, music, …. The conversations crystallized which terms had relevance, which terms were unimportant, and which needed to be added. In a bottom-up procedure, a concept archive thus emerged, around which video conversations were formed that depicted the current discourse of a topic about the exchange of individual lifeworlds, without being controlled by presuppositions and prejudices – as in the case of a leading-question-oriented interview, for example. Thereby, the interaction with the cards was open (choosing, drawing, alternately questioning, …). Sentence constructions for the use of the terms had to be formed by oneself (a question, an own story, a connecting point, …). There was no hierarchy between the questioner and the questioned, the conversation could develop freely according to the communication and dynamics of the participating interlocutors. So far, about 30 one-hour conversations have been held in Germany and Israel.

Interview with Nikolaj Beier, Office of the State North Rhine-Westphalia, Israel 2021