Pants with Pockets

A project with Netta Gaash, May Chen, Laura Oldörp and Janna Lichter
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
with Prof. Anja Vormann

Pants with Pockets is about five protagonists and their individual and collective experiences in our patriarchal world. The project aims to tangle existing binary narratives and role models and researches on non-hierarchy camera work as a queer-feminist practice.

A Video-based conversation. We sit in a circle talk about gender. The camera is in the middle so we can all reach it and we can share the task of filming. The project is an open conversation between us: five Israeli and German students from the field of art and design. It is a conversation about our reflections on individual and collective experiences with gender in our different societies. We want to deconstruct existing binary concepts and role models through the queer feminist practice of non-hierarchical camera work. Our goal is to develop an open process of filmmak-ing in which gender issues are discussed in terms of family, relationships, media, society, racism, gender, education, film, images, and understandings of freedom. We see the project as an opportunity to share our thoughts and emotions about our society. The film makes visible what things bother us, how we try to make a difference, and how we express ourselves through our art.