Overcoming exclusive Narratives

A project by Janna Lichter
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf
Prof. Anja Vormann

Visual communication in conflict situations: Israel and Palestine

The project  Overcoming exclusive Narratives explores multimedia spaces of communication between young Israeli and Palestinian women. In Israel and Palestine, religious and ethnic-nationalist conflicts have intensified over the decades. The separation of the societies prevents the two groups from meeting maintaining prejudices and enemy images. Interviews, videos, audio recordings and photographs enable an exchange between women to overcome exclusive narratives and accept the existence of various narratives.

Within the framework of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the forumZFD in Jerusalem, the project researches on design methods and tools for multimedia strategies and responses in conflict areas. All project phases are connected with questions of one’s own and other narratives on identity, culture and conflict. The deconstruction and construction of narratives through multimedia solutions enable alternative ways of thinking that can dissolve emotionally influenced patterns. Through the reproduction, confrontation and role reversal of narratives, the project attempts to visualize cultural, social and psychological processes which conclusions can be transferred to wider contexts.