Phone Calls about Identity

A project by Fabio De Saldanha,
University of Europe for Applied Sciences Berlin
with Prof. Katharina Mayer

In the context of the topic of Jewish life in Germany, I wanted to find a form of interview that would find personal points of view and as diverse perspectives as possible on one’s own relationship to and knowledge of Jewish culture. With the question of one’s own identity and the choice of telephony as a medium, we create an atmosphere and communicative level together in the course of the conversation that brings us closer to this point. I will interview Jewish and non-Jewish people about this.

My aim was to mainly let the person talk but still have it feeling like a conversation and not just have them answering my questions.

The people I speak with mostly have a mixed nationality and therefore do not have a settled answer to the question “Where are you from?” I am curious about what makes them identify as Germans.

Questions that guide me:

What does it mean to be “Deutsch?” What are the stereotypes? What do you learn in school about German history? Can Germans feel proud of their country? Is that important? Is an identity important? how much does your nationality shape your identity? what are the things that build an identity? Should we preserve a identity?

Did you ever meet a jewish person? What’s the story? Is there any friend of a friend that is a jew? What do you know about the jewish life? Culture, religion, tradition, food, music ect. What are your ideas towards jews? Positive negative?

A call about German history and being proud
A call about German stereotypes
A call about Jewish stereotypes