The Everlasting Dance

A project by May Chen
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
with Hadas Satt

A video art tributed to the ballerina Francesca Mann and the Twins of Auschwitz going round and round in the darkness forever.

In the video the artist May Chen created a live size ballerina’s music box reflects a memory. They and we will dance together, a dance that never ends, and a dance of those whose stories are still echoing. Shuffling together the past and the future. It tells the story of Franceska Mann’s brave act of resistance and makes it eternal.

Franceska Mann was a beautiful and exceptionally talented dancer, pirouetting her way through many prestigious shows and competitions, including the Brussels International Dance Competition of May 1939 where she won fourth prize. She danced regularly in Warsaw’s Melody Palace nightclub before the outbreak of the Second World War and her career-shattering imprisonment in the Warsaw Ghetto.