A project by Marco Tapia Saavedra,
University of Europe for Applied Sciences Berlin
with Prof. Katharina Mayer

I want to make a project that talks about LGTBIQ+ people in Israel. How is it to be a lesbian, homosexual. transexual, bisexual, inter or queer in a country that is very much dominated by tradition. What does it mean to be lgtbqi+ in contemporary Israel?

My deep interest in portraying people began with my photography studies at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin. Since then, I have been working on a personal project for three years now that involves portraying people and trying to get an instant of truthfulness in a photograph. I ask simple questions regarding happiness, meaning of life and its different shades as we grow up and experience it.

Later on, I realised this simple questions can lead to the deepest of answers which allows my subjects to come through their shields held up most of the time when in front of a camera.

I come from a quite religious, sexist, traditional background and I have seen first hand and experienced how these factors can affect on different layers someone who does not rule their life to these society norms. As a part of the lgtbiq+ people, I want to use this opportunity of a free project to draw my effort and skills as a photographer and explore how this reality develops to people in Israel.

Copyright © Marco Tapia Saavedra
Copyright © Marco Tapia Saavedra
Copyright © Marco Tapia Saavedra

Post and photographs by Marco Tapia Saavedra, student of the University of Applied Sciences Europe (BTK).
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